Apostle of Franconia

Cardinal Tomás O’Fiach

Cardinal Tomás O’fiach was very interested in St. Kilian and led many tours to Wurzburg from the Diocese of Armagh. He made a film on St. Kilian which was shown on R.T.E and was available through Veritas. He wrote a lengthy article called “St. Kilian: His Irish background and posthumous influence”. He celebrated the Mass in Wurzburg Cathedral on the 8th July 1989 at the Centenary Celebrations of the Martyrdom of St. Kilian and made a big impression speaking in German, English &Irish. He attended the 1989 celebrations in Mullagh and played a big part in securing the St. Kilian Relic for Mullagh Church. He passed to his eternal reward in 1990.


Father Patrick Morris P.P.

Father Patrick Morris was appointed Parish Priest in Mullagh in 1983. He immediately became interested in the Life of St. Kilian the patron Saint of the Parish. Kilian was born in Mullagh in 640 and martyred in Wurzburg Germany in 689. Father Morris made contact with Helena Spiegel and her husband Hans who were frequent visitors to Mullagh on German Tours who were interested in tracing their spiritual roots. St. Kilian was also the Patron Saint of Franconia in Germany and was honoured highly in Wurzburg where a cathedral was named after him. Father Morris organised the first pilgrimage to Wurzburg in 1989 for the 13th. Centenary of St. Kilian’s Martyrdom. He commissioned a statue of the saint in Mullagh church grounds. He arranged with Cardinal Tomas O’Fiach and Bishop Paul Werner Scheele of Wurzburg to have a relic of St. Kilian brought back to Mullagh and had started to discuss plans for a Heritage Centre before he passed away in 1990


Father Dan Gallogly P.P.

Fr Dan Gallogly was appointed Parish Priest in Mullagh in 1991. He was a past president of St. Patricks College in Cavan where he taught Irish and History. He was present in Wurzburg in 1989 for the 13th Centenary and celebrations of St. Kilian’s martyrdom. He was in Mullagh when the Relic of St. Kilian was brought to the Church in 1991. Also in 1991 he led a group of 45 people from Mullagh to Wurzburg which also included a trip to East Germany. The first big task he set himself was the refurbishment of Teampall Cheallaigh Cemetery on the shores of Mullagh Lake. In 1992 he was heavily involved in the planning of the Heritage Centre which was built and officially opened in 1995. He was involved in the planning and marking of the film on The life of St. Kilian which is shown in the Centre. One of his last projects was the planning and overseeing of the extension to St. Kilian’s Cemetery. Father Gallogly’s last book was “The History of Kilmore Diocese” He passed away in 1999.